Jennifer Why Hire Me To Buy a Home When You Have The Internet? Let me start with a story that has nothing (and everything) to do with real estate. A few years ago I started having heart palpitations. It was simply annoying at first, until it happened in the middle of the night and I thought I might die. I didn’t know much about it so I researched […]
Jennifer 8 Reasons to Dump Whistler Next Ski Season It’s time to dump your Whistler ski trip in favor of Sun Peaks, BC. (For people over 30 or who have always wanted to be). Side note- This is a real estate blog but it’s the end of summer and everyone is on vacation, so my blog is going on vacation too. J Cost of […]
Jennifer Does having A/C increase your home’s value? To A/C or not to…..That is the question Ever since we purchased our current home without A/C thirteen years ago, this conversation has been a hot topic (pun intended) for my family. I argue that for $10,000 to install the new system, we could spend quite a few nights camped out at The Westin. In […]
Jennifer Home buyers don’t want a stranger in their shower   My teenage son’s bathroom is a source of angst in my house. No, not from the teenager himself, but the mess left in his wake. Every day I walk past the usual basketball shorts and balled up socks on the floor. The damp towel barely clinging to the rack, deathly scared to join the […]
Events Near You April 2016 Events in the Seattle Area Happy April everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine as much as I am. Here are some events around the Seattle area and South King County. Click on the image below to make it larger, and make sure to check out our blog while you’re there. 🙂 I’m excited to try out some new places during […]
Jennifer Why I hate your House Plants How could anyone “hate” house plants?  I know, I just made some enemies.  As I have come to know over the years, your house plants are these docile, often forgotten looking, affectionate things in random containers throughout your houses.  Many of these “family members” have stayed with you over the years, moved with you, been […]
Jennifer Holiday Travel Twas the week after Christmas and all through the house….not a creature was stirring, except one swimming mouse. Swimming mouse???  Ok, there was no mouse, but if there was he would have been swimming for his life!!  Here’s what happened. Some clients of ours, Dave and Wendy, packed up their Christmas and 3 young boys, […]
Jennifer 5 Ways to Get Your Home Sold this Holiday Season So, it’s November and you need to sell your home. King County averages about 2,000 home sales in December. That’s about half as many homes as in the Spring/Summer months.  The good news is houses do sell!  There are also less house options for buyers than in the summer, so you have less competition.  Here […]
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