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Jennifer Clukey and Mike Elliott, real estate agent in Renton, WA

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Selling your home doesn't have to be stressful and confusing.

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You want an experienced team to walk you through the sale process. Our 30+ years of experience in real estate mean you're in good hands. 

You'll receive trusted advice backed up by data so you can make educated decisions in our current market.

We'll maximize your sales price with our professional marketing system.

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A Note From Mike

Buying or selling a home is a huge deal. There are studies that buying or selling a home is in the top list of ultimate stressors in one’s life. The reality is, you don’t need studies to prove how stressful and complicated the process can become. You know from experience and from watching those around you.

I have been a Real Estate Agent since 1985. I have worked in almost every up and down market you can imagine in the Puget Sound (except I was too young for the “Seattle-turn out the lights” billboard). 1990/91 was the first tough recession I helped clients through. I used that experience to help our clients through the recent 5 year recession. It was not always easy, and there were many tough conversations, but it was worth it to be there for clients in good times and bad.

Today we are in a brisk sellers market and a tight buyers market. We experienced a similar market in the early 2000’s. This comes with its own need for expertise on how to not leave money on the table when you sell, and how to procure a home when 8 other buyers want the same one. I am fortunate to be at the place in my career where I am very good at what I do, and have a seasoned team that is right in step with our mission to serve our clients. Here is what clients can expect when they work with us.

Your goals are our top priority
We’re the experts in the market – Always on top of current trends
Negotiate for you at a top level
Always here to answer questions-even if you’re not currently in a transaction
We are here from the first home purchase to the last home sale


Tools for Marketing Your Home

Staging is a general term used to describe the physical preparation of your home for market. Increasing the visual appeal of your home will attract a wider range of buyers, potentially increasing the sale price and decreasing the amount of time spent on market.

Jennifer Clukey is an Accredited Staging Professional and has extensive experience helping her clients prepare their homes for sale. There are several levels of staging; Jennifer will help you decide what level is right for you.

Clean & Declutter - For sellers still living in their home, here's a few tips on how to make it look great: "Depersonalizing your personal space"
Light Staging - Most often used for occupied homes. Light staging involves moving existing furniture and adding accessories to create a cohesive visual theme.
Full Staging - An outside company brings in furniture to fill out the space in a vacant home.

This vacant home on Mercer Island felt a bit dated.

Fully staging the living room made the space feel modern and livable.

The comfortably staged family and dining rooms made potential buyers feel at home.

This listing ended up selling above the asking price in only a few days.

HDR Photography

Tools for Marketing Your Home

Why do I need professional photography?

The vast majority of buyers will first see your home online. Beautiful HDR images make a great first impression and help to generate interest in your home before buyers walk in the door!

What is HDR Photography?

An HDR photo is actually a combination of 3-9 photos taken at different exposure levels. These photos are then combined with software to create an amazingly realistic high definition image. Our professional photographer manipulates each photograph to showcase the natural light and color both inside and outside your home.

Ashford House Resized
Adamson Front Resized
Adamson Kitchen Resized

Above: View from a home in Ashford, WA. HDR captures rich color and depth of field.

Left: HDR photography provides a clear view through the windows.

Virtual Tours

Tools for Marketing Your Home

We market your home online using customized property websites that feature your home with stunning HDR photography.

Your property website is syndicated to all of the most popular search platforms for buyers including Zillow,, Google, Youtube, and many more.


Buyers easily find and view property websites

Gorgeous, professional photos show off your home's best features

Key property information supports buying decisions

Property websites offer 24/7 access

Notebook work with statistics on sofa business

Market Statistics

Would you like market stats for your specific community?

Jennifer Clukey and Mike Elliott, real estate agent in Renton, WA

Jennifer Clukey & Mike Elliott

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