Katie's Adventures August 26, 2015

New Girl in Town

Hi, my name is Katie. I am the new assistant to Jennifer Clukey and Mike Elliott. I just moved to the Seattle area from Wisconsin after graduating college. Here is my latest adventure in Renton, Washington!

Lake Washington

      Renton, Washington is a town located just outside of Seattle. There are a variety of activities to do while in Renton. However, I only picked three places to visit; Coulon Park, the Landing and the Renton Farmers Market. Coulon Park is located on the south end of Lake Washington. It is a great place to walk, run or just hang out. I also noticed an area where you could learn to sail. I thought that was pretty cool. This area was a really nice change of pace from the city life.

Next I visited the Landing. This is a nice shopping area that has any store you could dream of; a running store, a hair salon, clothing stores, etc. As I walked through I stopped for a donut and then I moved onto a kitchen store. I stopped in the kitchen store because I love to look at things I can’t have, but I still ended up buying three items on my wish list. I purchased an egg ring for that perfect circular egg on a breakfast sandwich, an oven mitt because I only own one, and a dish to set my spatulas in while I’m cooking. The Landing also offers a variety of restaurants to choose from. For example; Vino, for wine lovers; Beer World, for beer lovers; and 5 guys, for a classic burger.

Renton Farmers market 1

Next I was off to the Renton Farmers Market which is open every Tuesday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, June through September. I went in search of tomatoes for bruschetta and flowers to brighten my apartment. It was a cute little market in downtown Renton. There is free two hour parking in the garage across the street and plenty of booths to choose from. After eyeing each booth, I found ripe tomatoes and a $5 bouquet of flowers and was on my way. Renton is a nice area and cheaper than downtown Seattle, but it gives you the proximity to the city with a smaller town feel.